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What We


01 What's out there?

Research & Insight

Helping you understand the market and competitors, to grow business and better meet your customers' needs.

  • Market Landscape 

  • Competitor Study

  • Gap and Pain Points Insight

  • Customer Survey 

03 What's your approach?


Identifying the distinct value behind your brand, and utilizing it to develop effective tactics for communicating with customers and building relationships.

  • Target Audience Portrait

  • Brand Story

  • Brand Vibe

  • Brand Approach

02 Who are you?

Identity & Positioning

Establishing the unique and difficult-to-replace position in the market and anchoring your brand to your mission-driven purpose.

  • Naming

  • Slogan

  • Mission & Vison

  • Brand Positioning

04 How do you look like?

Visual Design

Capturing the attention of your target audience at first sight through consistency and great visual design, creating a recognisable Corporate Identity.

  • Logo Design

  • Corporate Colour & Platte

  • Stationery Design

  • CI Manual & Guideline

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